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Garcinia Cambogia Plus

POTENT WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA: HCA makes garcinia cambogia a promising slimming ingredient that may help increase energy and metabolism that are both necessary for weight loss.


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      • Garcinia Cambogia Plus is a dietary supplement containing hydroxycitric acid, green coffee bean extract and potassium chloride. After taking one serving prior to meals and taken up to three times per day, the product supposedly helps with weight-loss. One of the benefits is the small size of the pills.
      • The makers of Garcinia Cambogia Plus, Top Secret Nutrition, first introduced it as a dietary aid in 2006. It appears as if there are no synthetic ingredients included, impressive. The official website no longer sells it, but you can purchase the supplement through trusted retailers.
        Garcina Cambogia Plus is a diet pill that claims to contain 75% HCA. However, there have been doubts about the reliability of the ‘free trial’ as customers find themselves billed regularly.

How does it work?

    • Vita Balance Limited claims that Garcinia Cambogia Plus can increase your metabolic and energy levels, burn fat and suppress your appetite by utilizing the power of HCA.However, there are some scientific studies that supports these claims on their website and they do give some references about HCA and Garcinia cambogia.
    • One reference that they used is from file, which that proves HCA’s slimming properties but the page is more focused on the history of use and safety evidence of garcinia cambogia.The other note is from the National Institutes of Health. This document was a weight loss study but the formula used were ephedra, guarana, chitosan, gymnema sylvestre, garcinia cambogia and chromium.
    • Clearly, the weight loss study used a variety of agents and not dependent on garcinia cambogia.The truth is, garcinia cambogia is not a proven slimming agent though there are several animal studies that have shown positive weight loss results.HCA or hydroxycitric acid is a powerful compound that can help increase your energy, enhance your physical performance, regulates appetite and promotes other health benefits.
    • HCA makes garcinia cambogia a promising slimming ingredient that may help increase energy and metabolism that are both necessary for weight loss.So even though lacking in evidence, many dieters are still using garcinia cambogia as their main weight loss regimen.

2 reviews for Garcinia Cambogia Plus

  1. Pills work differently for everybody
    I just tried this product and I believe I’m on day 3 and so far I am sweating up a Storm. I am sweating all over and I see my stomach going down. I have no appetite after 1 meal at 11am I’m still full at 8:15 pm.

  2. If you’re looking for a miracle weight loss drug you’re not going to find it here(or anywhere for that matter). However, if you’re just looking for a little boost in the weight less department then Garcinia Cambogia will be perfect for you!
    When taking this product I’ve found that I simply don’t get as hungry throughout the day, it curbs my urge to snack and graze which has always been a problem for me. What you don’t get is a caffeine high/crash or jitters or any of those less than desirable effects of typical diet pills.
    Use these pills in conjunction with healthy eating and exercise and you’re sure to get that extra edge you’ve been looking for!

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